Eva.Kipson Samuel Testimony

My name is Kipson Samuel. I was born and brought up in a Christian family. Though I was a regular church member, I did not have a personal relationship with Christ. I was living a worldly life, committed a lot of sins which was not pleasing to God. After finishing high school, I had to work in my father’s shoe store because of my family circumstances. I was disappointed because all my friends started their higher studies. During this time, my church pastor Rev.G.Paulraj came to visit our house and challenged me as to how long I was going to continue in sinful ways. He told me to commit my life to Christ and accept him as a personal saviour. Initially, I refused to take his advice but after a few days I had a clear conviction through a dream. Then, I committed my life and accepted Jesus as my personal saviour. Following that my parents took a decision to let me do my higher studies. During my Bachelor studies in Karunya University, God gave me an opportunity to attend the Jesus Calls Power Ministry. There I could experience the power of the Holy Spirit and received the power of the Holy Spirit. After that, I was given the opportunity to conduct prayer cells and lead worship in Corporate Service. I was also able to share my testimony to my friends and pray for them. God opened doors for me to preach in the Bethesda Prayer centre and nearby churches. While I was in Karunya University, God gave me the grace to write a few songs based on my life and testimony. After graduating from Karunya University, I could release my songs as an ACD with the title NANDRI SOLLUNGA. Following this God blessed me with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. During my master’s, God opened the doors in the ministry in different places in India to lead worship and to preach the word of God. I was also looking for a job for one year after completing my masters. After one year, I got a job in a reputed FMCG company. I started working in that company as an IT-Trainee and after six months I was promoted as an Executive - IT Operations and again after six months I was promoted as an Asst. Manager - Operations. Along with my job, I was also doing ministry in the weekends. I had to face lot of oppositions from my superiors in my office because of the ministry. I was praying for God’s guidance and leading about this situation. Finally, after working for one year in the company I resigned from the job. Even though, my parents were not pleased with my decision, God opened a lot of new doors in the ministry in lot of churches and outdoor meetings throughout South India. It was during one of those meetings that I could meet a pastor who had come from Sri Lanka. After the meeting, he invited me to come and minister and share my testimony in Sri Lanka. After three months, God opened the doors for me to go to Sri Lanka and share the word of God in different places for one month. Today, God is using me mightily for his purpose in many parts of the world. By the grace of God, I'm travelling continuously for the Kingdom of God to be built through the churches. I believe before I see him face to face I’ll shake the nations for His glory. Amen!!!

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